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FAQ about AiS Watermark Pictures Protector
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Customer testimonials

I am looking at your WPP app and it watermarks perfectly.

Stephen Tapp

Question: I try to watermark it all seems to work except the watermarked image shows "made by AiS Watermarke (unregistered) Watermark.com". I would like to watermark without the above.


After purchase, we'll send you registration key which take off all evaluation restrictions (additional watermark "made by AiS WPP" and nag screen). Also you will receive all future upgrades of the program for free or with discount.

Question: I have a MAC. Does this watermarking software work with MACS?


You can try to run AiS Watermark Pictures Protector on your Macintosh by use PC emulator (for example: Virtual PC from Microsoft).


I am wondering is it possible for the watermark to be removed once the picture is saved, (ie. can someone remove the watermark with any of your or another program?)


Visible watermark can be removed too, but this is very difficult. You can remove it manually in the image editor. These factors which simplify removing of watermarks: - using one-color watermark - using watermark with small covering of original image - using simple watermark (simple one color logo or text) - using high transparent watermark These factors which improve watermark protection: - use non transparent or low transparent watermarks - use multicolor image watermark - use watermark which cover bigger area of original image - save image with loss information (JPEG) format.


Is there a difference between the FREE download evaluation version and the registered (purchased) version as far as program fuctions go? Are some fuctions blocked in 15 day evaluation version?


Evaluation version works only 15 days. After this period you cannot use the program. Also evaluation version adds additional watermark 'made by AiS WPP (unregistered version)' on protected images


I notice your program has different positions in which a copyright statement can be positioned but how can we set individual properties for each i.e. I would like 2 transparant statements at top and middle and one with 0 Transparancy at the foot of the photo.


You have to add watermark several times, if you want to add several different watermarks. Probably we'll add this feature in one of the next version.
In the current version you must:

  1. Make one watermark setting with 2 transparent watermarks
  2. Add the first watermark on your images.
  3. Make second watermark settings with one non transparency watermark.
  4. Add the second watermark on protected images.


How your watermarking program tackle a whole batch of photos that are of different sizes. Can I write out a standard copyright statement and have the program automatically resize the copyright statement in proportion with the photo size. If so how would I set this up?


Yes, AiS WPP can auto resize your logo or text. You have to:

  1. check option "Stretch" on Watermark settings tab
  2. select percent of width of original image.


Once the watermark is built can it be removed at a latter date and what happen to the image once it is sved with the watermark?


Any transparent watermark can be manually removed in the image editor but this process is very difficult. When you add visible watermark on your images you cannot remove it without worsening of image quality.


I am planning on formatting my computer within the next month due to general software instabilities. What do I need to do to ensure I can get Watermarker to function on my machine. If I backup the Program Files folder that the watermarker program is in and restore to that location, will that do it?


Saving folder and subfolder 'Settings' with AiS WPP is enough for backup. Also you must:

  1. backup watermark settings (*.aiswpp3)
  2. backup images which you use as image watermark


We are looking for a software to watermark images. We need to create from one original image x copy watermarked, each copy must have a different watermark number ( Artist's copy number 1/x, Artist's copy number 2/x, etc). Has your software such capabilities?


Yes, AiS Watermark Pictures Protector version 3.5.1 or above allows you to make this job. You can use two macros in your watermark text and for result filename template:

  1. %copyN% - current number of copy
  2. %copyCount% - Number of copies (setup it on Saving tab)

Number of copy will be added automaticly in file name if you don't use %copyN% in the file name template.

See example of usage in the watermark settings CopyNumberOf in the installation of AiS WPP.


Once I have made my watermark how do I "Save" it so it will be there every time I open the program.


You have to:

  1. save your settings by use menu "Settings->Quick SaveSettings" F2
  2. select the saved settings in combobox in the toolbar.
  3. Close the program

After what your settings will be opened after every start of AiS WPP


However, whenever I create a text watermark, I can't get it to display without a white border around the edges of each letter. I tried your software out on my home computer before upgrading to be used at work and when I used this software on the home computer, I didn't have this occur.

Could you please let me know how I can display play my watermark without the white edges to each letter. I am rotating the letters 40 and repeating this watermark in all 9 fixed positions. I am using True Type fonts for this.

I have noticed that if I don't used a true type font, I can get the letters to not have the white edge. However, I am needing to have the watermark rotated.


The cause of the effect is "smooth edges of screen font" in your Windows. You must take off the options ("smooth edges of screen font") in Screen Properties for removing the effect.

Tried istalling your program on my machine but get a cannot find hhctrl.ocx file... Program apparently will not run without this file, help....

Generally, you will see this error message if you have a version of Internet Explorer older than 4.01. Thus, you should get the latest version of Internet Explorer to successfully use Help system. You will not see the error in the version above 3.4.4 but you cannot use Help without upgrade your Internet Explorer.

We want photos on our website to be viewed but we do not want photos to be copied, mailed , saved , saved as , etc. Also new explorer menu appearing on photos on left allowing these features and file menu permitting giving problems. What can you propose?

You can make HTML gallery "Secure image table" by use AiS Watermark Pictures Protector. This type of gallery did not allow to use right mouse click and image toolbar on IE 6.0. Unfortunately you can save all images by use SaveAs for all page. There is only one way to make your images unusable without your permission, you have to add visible watermark which very hard to remove.

Q: How to turn off making of thumbnails?

Uncheck menu item "Processing->Make Thumbnails" or unpress the same button on toolbar.

Q: How to turn off adding Image watermark?
How to turn off adding tile "(C)" on my images?

Uncheck menu item "Processing->Add Image Watermark" or unpress the same button on toolbar.

Q: Which image format I can use for writing protected images?

AiS Watermark Pictures Protector is professional watermarking tool which allows you to write images in the most used in the Internet formats: JPEG, GIF and Animated GIF, PNG, BMP, TIFF, EMF and WMF, TGA.

AiS WPP can open image in one of more than forty formats. When you try to save the protected image, AiS Watermark Pictures Protector offer you select one of the above (write) formats.

Q: How to protect one image?

  1. Open image - press button "Open image" on toolbar or select menu item or press keyboard shortcut Ctrl-O
  2. Select watermark setting - select wanted setting from setting list on toolbar.
  3. Protect image - press button "Protect image" on toolbar or select menu item or press keyboard shortcut Ctrl-P. You can skip the step and image will be protected on the next step.
  4. Save image - press button "Save image" on toolbar or select menu item or press keyboard shortcut Ctrl-S. Select where you want to save the protected image.

Q: How to protect group of images?

Press button "Find images" on toolbar or select the same menu item or press keyboard shortcut Ctrl-F.

Q: When I set transparency level, watermark change color. Why?

Transparency can works ambiguously on fixed palette format images (BMP, GIF).

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