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AiS Watermarker ActiveX supported graphical formats
Example of usage AiS Watermarker ActiveX. Watermarked image
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Legend of the table:
read - support reading images in the format
write - support writing image in the format

Image FormatSupport options
JPEG images (JPG; JPEG) read + write
EXIF and IPTC info in JPEG images (JPG; JPEG) read + write
TIFF images (TIF; TIFF; FAX) read + write
EXIF and IPTC info in TIFF images (TIF; TIFF; FAX) read
Bitmaps (BMP) read + write
GIF Images (GIF) read + write
Animated GIF Images (GIF) read + write
Portable Network Graphics (PNG) read + write
Autodesk images (PIC; CEL) read
CUT images (CUT; PAL) read
Dr. Halo images (CUT) read
EPS images (EPS) read
Icons (ICO) read
Kodak Photo-CD images (PCD) read
PaintBrush (PCX; PCC; SCR) read + write
Paintshop Pro images (PSP) read
Photoshop images (PDD; PSD) read
Portable bitmaps images (PBM; PGM; PPM) read
RLA images (RLA; RPF) read
Quick Bitmap (QBMP) read
SGI images (BW; RGB; RGBA; SGI) read
Targa images (TGA; VST; ICB; VDA; WIN) read
Windows metafiles (WMF; EMF) read + write
WBMP Images (WBMP) read

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